Sunnyside now has virtual appointments!

We are offering telemedicine visits with all of our providers! Not every visit can be done this way, but we are doing our best to minimize your trips into the office, while keeping your kids healthy and happy.

We have been getting great feedback about these virtual visits!

If you are interested in scheduling a telemedicine visit please call the office, or send us a portal message (for non-urgent issues).

Insurance payment for telemedicine visits can be unpredictable. Because of this we are collecting a $45 deposit on all telemedicine visits. If your insurance pays for the visit in full this will be refunded, but there could be additional costs if the balance of the visit is applied to your deductible. I you have no insurance coverage our office will call you the day after your appointment to arrange payment for any additional charges.

If you have an upcoming telemedicine appointment:

Our HIPAA compliant SecureVideo telemedicine service uses the Zoom app. You will need to download the app and set up an account before your appointment time.

You should receive a message by email or text reminding you about the appointment. The link in that message will take you to your appointment. Once you click the link you will need to agree to open Zoom, and then click to enter the “waiting room”. The final steps will be authorizing the audio (on a phone you will click a headphone icon) and the video (click “start video”). PLEASE be in the “waiting room” 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment time. Similar to an office appointment, your provider may be a few minutes late, so please wait in the “waiting room” for your provider to get online.

We MIGHT need a current weight on your child. If you have a scale at home please get a weight before the appointment time.