Medical Records

Need your child’s records? There are a couple of ways to do this.

Patient Portal

Most of your child’s records will be on the patient portal (click here to access). Immunizations, well child checks, growth charts, etc can be found here. They may not all be on there because their records may be at storage. It is an easy process to start an account and access it.

Records sent to a new doctor

If you moved and want your records sent to the patient's new doctor, we need an authorization form (link below) filled out and signed by a parent. This is also the process if you need their records sent to their school or if you want a personal copy of the record. If the patient is 18 years old and over they need to fill it out themselves and sign it. Send it back to us once it is all filled out via fax, email, or mail. We do ask for 1-2 weeks for the records to get sent from the date we received the form. If you need it any sooner than that we do charge a rush fee of $25. Please plan accordingly.

Stored paper charts

Same goes as the above although we do charge to get the records from storage. $10 for immunizations, $25 for the whole record, and another $25 if it is rushed.

Old EMR charts

If you need any records from our old EMR system (visits prior to 1/1/14, though many of these have been transferred to our new EMR), we do charge to get the records from digital storage. $100 for any records, and another $25 if it is rushed.

New to Sunnyside Pediatrics?

If you are new to Sunnyside and want us to request your child's records, we need the Authorization to Release Information form (link below) filled out. We need the information from their previous doctor written in the space available. Please mark the box “Receive Information From”  If you would like these before your appointment we will try our best to get them. The sooner we receive the form the better chance of getting the records before your appointment.

Adobe Icon    Authorization to Release Information

This is our email to send authorization forms filled out and signed