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Well Child Visits

We follow the well child check schedule recommended by the "AAP/Bright Futures Guidelines, " which is a program designed to coordinate your child's vaccines with recommended screenings, assessments of growth and development, as well as thorough exams and counseling about topics specific to the age of your child.

Parents enjoy the one-on-one time with their pediatrician (without a sick child) to discuss issues such as diet, accident prevention, and discipline. If there are stresses in your child's life or concerns at school, this is also the time to talk about that.

Most well child checks are reassuring events that let parents know everything is going well with their child's health and development , but your pediatrician will be watching for any signs that indicate a potential problem. Well child checks by our doctors have been critical in the early diagnosis of cardiac and eye problems, developmental issues, kidney problems, diabetes, scoliosis, and many other issues that can benefit from prompt attention.

Well child checks are important in helping to prevent illness and identify any problems as early as possible, but also to help establish a relationship between your child (and you) and your pediatrician. Having a doctor who understands your child's temperment and typical behaviors can speed the diagnosis of any acute illnesses. It's also helpful for your pediatrician to be familiar with your approach to parenting and your approach to medical issues generally, and well child checks help foster this kind of communication.

We recommend following the well child visit schedule even if you are not planning to use the typical immunization schedule. Click for schedule.